On the run from the Alcohol and Tobacco Fiends for Grand Cake Fraud, Audley finds refuge in da forests of suicides. When she discovers a house to hole up in, she's soon up to her neck in troubles. Between da gun happy ATF an some crazy end-timer survivalists, Audley finds herself struggin' to survive a blatant and mildly offensive Ruby Ridge Scenario. Exciting Art by Mark Mitchell

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“Hullos. I is Audley Strange. I is a demon who is a time travellin’, warrior poet, assassin, fashion model, cultural icon, chef, political stalwart an’ rap star. I lives in Hell. ‘Bouts four years ago I managed ta contact one o’ ye filthy monkey doofs who works wif Logos an’ mades him me slave, in order dat he could do my fantastic memoirs in real times under da title Da Profane Comedy. He also does me other adventures an’ stuff wot I gets up to when I demands it.

Da followin’ stories deals wif da refugees turnin’ up in Hell’s cos of da invasion  of Everland.  Enjoy an send me cakes an souls!

Da Horsey said he woulds plugs me site in return for a bales of narcotic hay from da plains of Purgatory so abandon hope an welcome to my worlds…

When a small time conman runs into Audley his whole worlds is turned upside down. When he finds out out he and his partner has been set up by da shadowy crime lords known only as da Porcine Triads, murder an redemption ain'ts far behinds in dis stylish Sin City parody.