This is a little bit of a departure from normal science based stuff that is the staple of this blog type thing. But what they hey I'm putting it somewhere. Like a lot of the material generated by this great comic house, it is based on a very poor joke. There were plans to move on to the adventures of the Iron Cad-- a Terry Thomas like armoured powered chap but als this didn't amount to anything either.

Just noticed that i missed out my favourite joke, THE WORLD'S "GREATEST" COMIC MAGAZINE, when i recoloured this cover to replace the old black and white photocopy manipulation. taken from my old essentials collection. Hasn't been recoulred but still looks good.

So, without any further ado. Let the magic begin... Get in that 60's mood. Become ambivialnet about communists, chaallenge some sexuals social boundries, settle down smoke a cigar and in classic lambasting aliterative stylee, shout-  Let's Like a Logos!



There was supposed to more but my enthusiasm, for doing what is a poor quality joke, ran a bit thin. These two pages are all that remains of the saga of Dr Mood's Transvesitte Machine. Did Bill gay up for Docotr Mood? Will Marvel sue? Will we ever see this like again. Answers: No, let's hope not and maybe some day...