Everyone loves a great sci-fi story. We all thrill to tales of evil aliens, heroic astro-men, powerful staships and plucky androids. The Outlanders isn’t like that. They’re in space. They don’t like it. Things happen. They get pissed off. That’s pretty much the format. The first story is called Digital, the Second is called Beware of the Blotts. There, you know as much about it as I do. STORIES AND ART BY JOHN MUNRO












If someone asks, who is your favourite hero? Then a thousand people can answer in a thousand different ways. But ask, who is your favourite pigeon action hero and they can but give one answer-- DARING DOO!  In this his first (and last) adventure, Doo faces a fictional character's most dangerous danger… the threat of a non-sequential plot! STORIES AND ART BY JOHN MUNRO






Some stories have a twist in the tale. You know, that bit at the end where it’s revealed that everyone is an alien, or Hitler, or dead, or in the past, or something like that. Tales of Obvious are a bit like that, only they’re a bit more, well, obvious. These one-off tales will leave you wondering, “What was the point of all that then?” I’ve read them. I don’t know. Maybe you’ll have better luck.







They say what happens in Transvegas, stays in Transvegas. That’s fortunate, as what happens there is outlawed in most civilised planets across the galaxy. What then of the people that live there? Have these strange individuals any tales to tell? Well, there are a million stories in Transvegas, here are just 5 of them. STORIES AND ART BY CRIKEY COLLECTIVE



Have you ever written a story about Superman fighting Godzilla?  Maybe you’ve written an episode of Friends, or of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. If you have, then you have written what is called “Fan Fiction” by some and “sad” by others. In Fanboy Corner read our fannish tributes to Green Lantern, Metron and the kids from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series. Just don’t give us any money if you enjoy them… STORIES AND ART BY JOHN MUNRO








Everyone loves a good fairy tale. These classic stories of witches, fairies, enchanted locales and mystical creatures are massive edifices on the shared unconscious that we all share. Perhaps the most important thing about these stories though, is that they are all in the public domain. That means we can run them without having to worry about people crying “copyright infringement” or “where’s our money”. STORY AND ART BY JOHN WEBSTER 





Concerned about the effects of comic reading on your puny human psyche? Then why not fret over the latest comic book psychological research. For anyone out there concerned over my well being, no need to fear. I’ve been reliably informed that horses are immune to the negative effects of comic reading, so rest easy.EXPERIMENT BY JOHN MUNRO







Imagine if you will the wild plain of the savannah. Then imagine that the cast of Coronation Street fall out of the sky onto this hostile environment. Now further imagine the cast are all talking animals. This then is Serengeti Street, an everyday story about everyday animals living their everyday lives; it’s a kind of Beastenders if you will. If you like animals and you like soap operas then you’ll probably like this. BY MARK MITCHELL AND JOHN MUNRO